Let SOPHIA plan your day

The first AI-based dispatching platform for the trucking industry. SOPHIA is designed to solve the day-to-day logistics challenges that dispatchers face, making the process faster, more efficient, and customizable.

SOPHIA is the ultimate AI Dispatcher system that can help optimize and automate your fleet operations.

With its advanced artificial intelligence and integrated supply chain solutions, SOPHIA can help you automate dispatching, optimize routes, and schedule drivers in seconds. SOPHIA helps you save time and reduce dead miles, allowing your dispatch and customer service teams to focus on growing your business.

Pairs with your TMS

SOPHIA is not a TMS itself; instead, it connects to your TMS. She pulls your shipments into the platform to schedule your drivers, and once everything is scheduled, it pushes the plan back into your TMS.

Drivers Preferences

With Sophia, your drivers have the opportunity to customize their work preferences. They can define workdays, set hourly availability, and select their preferred radius. 

Drivers preferences

Client Rating

You can rate clients with stars, allowing you to see each company’s rating when you access the platform. These reviews can be valuable when making decisions.

Reduce Dead Miles

Helps you minimize dead miles. Thanks to SOPHIA’s accuracy, you can effectively reduce empty miles, saving both time and money.


Easy to understand , the Dashboard provides a clear overview of your planning, including available drivers and shipments.

Plan your day in seconds

SOPHIA, our AI Dispatcher, efficiently plans your next day using historical data, saving time for dispatchers to address essential business needs.

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Let Brian Fish, our Onboarding Specialist, guide you through the SOPHIA platform and show you how easy it is to plan your next day in less than one minute. With our AI dispatching software, your life becomes even easier!

Pair with any TMS

Powered by artificial intelligence

Fully customizable

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