Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we’ve compiled answers to the questions we frequently encounter about SOPHIA. Dive into our videos to discover more about her capabilities and benefits, as well as insights into our AI Dispatcher Software.

Does Sophia replace your Dispatcher?

No! With SOPHIA, you don’t replace your dispatcher; you help them make their job easier and more efficient. By reducing planning time, dispatchers will have more time to focus on essential tasks, such as strengthening relationships with customers, and paying attention to other business needs.

Is Sophia a TMS?

SOPHIA is complementary to your TMS; it is not a replacement! SOPHIA pulls data points directly from your TMS to help you schedule drivers, assign or route them to their shipments, and automatically push plans back into your TMS. This means your dispatch and customer service teams can dedicate more time to managing customers, drivers, and shipments, instead of being concerned about manual data entry.

How we save time with SOPHIA?

With SOPHIA, you save hours! TIME is one of the most valuable things we have, and for that, we have developed this AI dispatcher software. With more time, you can not only pay attention to other business needs but also dedicate more time for yourself and enjoy more moments with your loved ones.


Why is time to onboard SOPHIA?

With SOPHIA, the integration process is easy!  You only need 20 minutes for your training! It’s easy, fast, and reliable.  SOPHIA doesn’t call in sick, leave early, or show up late. She’s not influenced by driver-related politics or other external factors. And most importantly, she doesn’t quit. With SOPHIA, you stay ahead of your competition—don’t let them run away with it!

SOPHIA will save you money by optimizing time in your trucking operations. It enables increased productivity and efficiency, streamlines roles, and allows you to focus on what truly matters. With SOPHIA, you stay ahead of your competition—don’t let them run away with it!

Why should business owners or decision-makers choose SOPHIA?

Why SOPHIA is the best partner from drivers?

It makes their work easier and more enjoyable by providing them with the flexibility to customize their preferences while working. With our AI dispatcher software, drivers can modify start and end times, preferred radius values, availability on specific days, and many other features. This empowers drivers to manage their schedules based on their individual needs and availability.

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